About the Creator





Born into a clan of die-hard Catholic Italian-Americans, Paul was raised on a diet of art, horror movies, and a punk rock ‘do it yourself’ ethos.  Inspired by his father, an Italian Craftsman, watchmaker and master tinkerer, Paul fuses his unique sensibilities blending art and horology. 

Paul’s design influences range from Gothic architecture and Hollywood glamour to surreal, alternative and hot rod art all fueled by a rock ‘n roll soundtrack.  It’s a recipe that injects a distinctive voice into his daringly stunning creations. 

Paul’s subject matter blends cryptic, sacred and cultural connotations against old world elegance.  dark-triumph-paul-skull-relic-tee-v3.png

He refuses to conform in a watered down mainstream world and treads a fine line between magnificent beauty and disturbingly lowbrow. 

He toils against the odds creating luxurious, but cool sexy, collections crammed full of rock attitude.  They are unapologetically loud and gregarious yet a symbol of utter indulgence.