• custom-louis-vuitton-1.jpg

    Who does this to a Louis?5 Star Review

    Anyone who values individuality!

    I had a Louis Vuitton watch I never used because I didn't like the bracelet.

    It took 6 months but was worth the wait now I have one of the coolest most unique watches out there.

    Really a piece of art!

    - Jason, Canada

  • comedy-tragedy-bracelet-clasp.jpg

    Absolutely stunning! 5 Star Review

    Comedy / Tragedy is absolutely stunning! First, I appreciate how beatifically the piece turned. It's art. Second, your art and craft have created a piece that captures the essence of what I was looking for. Third, it's perfect! The sapphire eyes just pop!!! The detail is amazing. Each of the eyes glimmers and it fits my twist perfectly.

    The whole experience has been wonderful and easy. I really, really dig the wrapping paper but was blown away with the t-shirt (little things make me happy)!!

    We shall do this again!

    - Nk, Usa

  • suicide-king-longines-relic-b-w.jpg

    Not just for rock stars! 5 Star Review

    Once again, we were looking for the perfect and unique gift for the President of our company and this turned out to be a gem. He loves the skull and crossbones and overall look of the watch. One of kind BAD ASS watch that has turned heads ever since. The design, customer service, and experience with Paul was fantastic. Nothing like dressing up a suit with that watch. Makes a statement for sure. You made Christmas easy for us this year and we would recommend Dark Triumph to anyone. Don't miss out on the coffin watch case it is amazing!

    - CentiMark's Executive Committee, USA

  • screaming-demon-riff-1.jpg

    F*u*c*k*I*n*g amazing! 5 Star Review

    Coming from an extreme perfectionist, whether it be my automobiles/motorcycles, clothing or jewelry - Paul is F*u*c*k*I*n*g amazing!

    He kicked the hinges off my expectations from start to finish. Communication, artwork, personal divulge...I stand in awe with what this man has done for me as a customer. I truly feel like I've gained a family member.

    For the first time in my 39 years of life, I stand in a state of shock. There is none better, and my wrist looks incredible.

    Thank you so much my friend!

    - Brad, USA

  • scarred-for-life-rolex-robots-1.jpg

    Beautiful & Stunning ! 5 Star Review

    I love this watch!

    First, it's a substantial piece. Second, the craftsmanship and artistry are beautiful and match the name. Third, it's feels right. It hangs right, hasnot lost time and the clasp is very secure.

    It's a badass watch that I am proud the wear. Great piece of art, with rebel attitude, for your wrist.

    - Nk, Usa

  • melanchology-madness-relic-1.jpg

    Rock n´Roll ! 5 Star Review

    I have been around the block a few times, but this watch gave me a fantastic new Thrill. Beeing in the Rock Business some of my artist friends have already gone nuts about my watch.

    It is a masterpiece in as much as it is unique and you do not see it at every corner. As a concert promoter I will now even more:

    Rock around the clock !

    - Ossy Hoppe, Germany

  • relic-suicide-king-rolex-18.jpg

    Great craftsmanship & service! 5 Star Review

    "I was looking for a jewelry piece that integrated with my watch and bingo.. great piece and packaging, thanks again....Also packaging was very nice with super details making the piece even more special."

    - Ray, USA

  • lust-glory-closeup-green-relic-1.jpg

    I am a fa-reakin rock star! 5 Star Review

    "This review is long overdue...Let me say that Paul is a true craftsman and artist. It has taken me almost a week to write this thing between being stopped for autographs and being asked what rock band I am in when people see and ask about my incredible timepiece. OK - maybe a BIT of a stretch, but I was asked if I was a music star (truth!) I have YET to go out ONE TIME without SOMEONE commenting on uniqueness and pure beauty of the attention to detail Paul put into it. Perfection in every sense, customer service that exceeds all standards, and beautiful, UNIQUE, custom work. HIGHLY recommended with NO reservations whatsoever."

    - Joe, USA

  • Nothing but Badass! 5 Star Review

    "I could not be happier with my purchase! I was fortunate enough to meet with Paul in person and he is as cool as his watches. This is a 100% statement piece and anyone that has seen it says that it is awesome as hell. I highly recommend his products and their craftsmanship."

    - Nik, USA

  • Coolest Rolex I've ever seen! 5 Star Review

    I have to admit I was hesitant to even contact you at first about purchasing this watch online. However you have been great and have gone out of your way to make me comfortable with this purchase. I have only had this watch for a couple of days but everywhere I go someone asks me about it. You truly can't appreciate this watch until you feel the weight in your hands and see it on your wrist. I've always wanted a Rolex and this is by far the coolest one I've ever seen. I'm glad I stumbled across your website. I will definitely be in contact to talk about a watch for my wife.

    - Adrian, USA

  • jesse-side.jpg

    Only for the elite amongst the esoteric! 5 Star Review

    If you ever wanted a piece that stands out from even the most impressive and unique, this is it. Paul was great to work with. Always answering every conceivable question I could come up with in the design process and how everything comes together. Though it was not my hands that crafted it, I truly feel this piece was made by and for me and me alone. The craftsmanship is unmatched by anything I have ever seen before. Sometimes in life you get what you pay for. This is one of those times.

    - Jesse, USA

  • A Rolex with an attitude! 5 Star Review

    "My watch is everything I could have hoped for. I have been on Wall Street for nearly 3 decades. The Rolex watch is the ultimate symbol of the financial markets. The problem I had with them was that they came across to me like a pretentious status symbol. I respected the Rolex name and those who owned them, but I didn't want to be defined as the guy who owned the Daytona or Presidential series. I wanted a Rolex that said yes I have a time honored piece but with some badass style as well. Paul gets it! I love my watch. Paul was over the moon accommodative with customizing my watch to get the right fit. So I am now a Rolex guy with its own kickass series "Dark Triumph". Thank you Paul!"

    - Todd, USA

  • Excellent & Unique! 5 Star Review

    "The watches from dark triumph are excellent and unique. The service is outstanding and the whole package every dime worth. Thank you for this wonderful watch."

    - Marc, Germany

  • Amazing! 5 Star Review

    "Working closely with the biggest watchmakers in Geneva, it is with great pride that I wear this piece of art and show it off. It's the perfect balance between Rock and the elegance of a classic watch.

    Long live the king!"

    - Luis, Switzerland

  • Two words can describe this time piece, "Bad Ass"! 5 Star Review

    "I just received the watch as a retirement gift after 34 years in the working world. I must say that the craftsmanship, attention to detail and the thought put into the design is beyond a shadow of a doubt 1st class all the way. For those that have never owned a classic time piece that is a one of a kind design, Dark Triumph is your destination. Dark Triumph was ez to work with, accomodating and willing to work on the modifications that were asked for.

    My next time piece will also be a Dark Triumph creation, so should yours."

    - Doug, USA

  • Piece of art! 5 Star Review

    "This is a very special piece of art, a 'one of a kind' that you can never find anywhere else!

    I am very happy!"

    - DJ, Netherlands

  • Badass couture! 5 Star Review

    "This is as badass as it gets! Yet somehow surpasses the class and uniqueness of ANYTHING on the market. Attention to details and cutting edge design make this watch the life of any party!"

    - John, USA (Proud owner of the Velvet Devil, Beguiler & DisGraceland)

  • Unique, refined, edgy 5 Star Review

    The design is only surpassed by the quality of workmanship and customer service!

    - John, USA (Proud owner of the Velvet Devil, Beguiler & DisGraceland)

  • Elegant, yet badass! 5 Star Review

    "What an exquisite piece of truly unique jewelry ! The workmanship, quality, and complete uniqueness is unparalleled. Dark Triumph succeeds where Chrome Hearts falls short. I LOVE this watch!"

    - John, USA (Proud owner of the Velvet Devil, Beguiler & DisGraceland)

  • So nice i want to buy another! 5 Star Review

    "I looked at every product out there combining sterling silver and quality time pieces, Dark Triumph's was by far the best product and at the best price. It arrived promptly in the mail and was everything promised."

    - Gary, USA

  • Stunning watch ! 5 Star Review

    "As great as this watch looked in the photographs, the true beauty and unique appeal of it didn't come through until I put it on. Wow...just awesome. Plus the people at Dark Triumph were incredibly responsive and helpful. I needed the band adjusted to fit my wrist, and while I was happy to wait a couple weeks (which seemed reasonable given the amount to be done), theyturned it around within a couple days, and I received it well ahead of schedule. I've lost track of how many compliments I've received on it already. I will DEFINITELY be back for more Dark Triumph watches. A+++++++"

    - Brent, USA

  • Wow looks amazing on my hand! 5 Star Review

    Received this watch in perfect condition all the way down under in Australia. The craftsmanship on this bracelet has to be physically seen to be appreciated.

    Thanks, Dark Triumph”

    - Paul, Australia

  • Absolutely Outstanding! 5 Star Review

    "When I received my watch, bracelet and coffin watch box I was amazed by the craftsmanship and quality of all three pieces. I feel very lucky to be the owner of these unique items. Paul is one talented individual who is a special artist. I look forward to doing business with him again as he really cares what his clients like and want.Thank you very much for your help."

    - Dave, USA

  • Beautiful Bracelet - I'm Thrilled with IT! 5 Star Review

    "Fatal Charmer" has met and exceeded my expectations above and beyond. As a watch collector it was hard for me to purchase from a photo but this is an exceptional watch with beautiful silver and leather work. I have received many compliments on this watch and even my wife loves to show it off.

    The Dark Triumph crew should also be commended for their exceptional customer service and follow up to make sure I was happy with the watch, something that is rarely seen these days.

    A big THANK YOU to the Dark Triumph crew! I will be back soon!"

    - Benjamin, USA

  • Incredibly Cool Watch - Getting Tons of Compliments 5 Star Review

    "I received my Dark Triumph watch a little over a week ago and I have to tell you it's one of the few things in life that over-delivered on its promise.

    It's fantastic! I own a lot of watches and The Rubicon has received more compliments already than all my other timepieces combined. It's a hybrid of old world watchmaking and cutting edge cool -- totally unique!

    In a day and age where everyone copies the latest trend it's completely refreshing that a company is out there pushing the boundaries. Looking forward to seeing your future creations..."

    - Scott, USA

  • It's a bold statement.. possibly the nicest timepiece I’ve ever seen.. WORK OF ART... THANKS!" 5 Star Review

    - Nonso, UK

  • "Exceptional attention to good business practice” 5 Star Review

    - Arnon, Israel


    - Jack, USA